Dr. Doug Wright, Family Portrait Client and Dentist


Dear Dan,

I wanted you to know how incredibly pleased I am with DBE photography.  The family portrait you took really captured a nice image of each family member.   I have a couple of these in my office, and I used the image for my Christmas cards.   You made the entire process very easy.   I was pleased that you could pull this off in my living room, making the photograph that much more personal and special.

I just reviewed the photos you took of my staff for our on-line efforts.  They are sharp and clear.  Your suggestions for positioning each staff member were really great.  I have used your photos in my ads in Virginia Living magazine as well.

As you know, I have an article coming out in a national dental journal next month.  Your work in my dental practice was indispensable.   The clinical photos you took of the surgical technique were clear, detailed and really told the story I am trying to share with my colleagues.

Your photographs are perfect, your attention to detail is superb, and your ability to quickly provide digital or hard copy photographs is unsurpassed.

As Humphrey Bogart said to the French Captain in Casablanca so long ago, “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Thanks for all,

Douglas Wright DDS


Buffy Propst, Bride


I could not have asked for a better photographer than Dan and his crew with DBE Photography. They were there for our every need, photography wise and much much more, Demi, Dan’s assistant, even toted my lipstick around all day! Not only were they there all day, but it was actually fun to have them be a part of our special day. It wasn’t a hassle at all to have them follow your every move. Quite a few times we caught ourselves just laughing at each other and not taking pictures. That’s what made it so fun to have them there on our special day, and for them to actually be a part of it.

Rebecca Swoope, Bride

SWOPE-69 copy

The best experience for myself and my husband was that our memorable moments from our wedding were captured because DBE had two photographers, and they were always there getting candid shots as well as our posed shots.

John Lohmann, Groom

Sorry, I’m a procrastinator. I need to write my real review. As a quick short one…Dan is the best.