Back to School

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The end of summer this year has brought my family into the school year in a few new ways. Both of my children are now in high school. My wife is attending classes at Bridgewater College working on her accounting … Continued

Cool Places to Take Pictures in Harrisonburg

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Hello all, Aimee again blogging on behalf of Dan. I don’t call myself a photographer. A writer, yes…reluctantly…but a photographer? Nope. No way. I don’t have near the knowledge and experience that Dan does. Ask me what an F-stop is, … Continued

Background Extraction: Love It or Hate It?

I’ve been shooting youth sports for a number of years.  We have photographed at sunset, under harsh daylight, cloudy conditions and also indoors. We have used tents, umbrellas, canopies, flashes and studio lighting on different occasions. We have shot against … Continued

Nifty Ways to Display Your Photos

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Hello, my name is Aimee Brasseur Roberts, and I work for Dan as a marketing consultant, before that I was his intern and before that, I was his assistant. Currently, I work in the marketing department at a local real … Continued

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