Last night the Grottoes Little League Junior Team won their District Tournament, which means they are heading to the State Little League Tournament in Abingdon, VA on July 17th.  I couldn’t be more proud of these young men.  They have shown me sportsmanship and a drive to win.  There are boys of different caliber on this team.  There are hitters, defense, runners and some all around players.

The Juniors team went 4-0 in the District Tournament in Luray. The last game was the closest with a 4-4 tie in the bottom of the last inning, runner on 2nd, no outs and a major rain storm delaying the game for over an hour.  The City of Luray grounds crew came out, from their homes, and tended to the rainsoaked field.  Extra bags of StayDry were needed.  The lines were repainted and the game re-commenced.  A walk and an error later, and Grottoes walked away Champions.

So off to Abingdon, VA they go with heads held high.  Coach gave the boys 3 days rest but come Sunday it is back to the practice field, and the hard work continues.  What I love most is the general positivity of the players to one another.  They want their teammates to succeed. The banter is continuous, and their winning attitude doesn’t ever seem to fade.

Keep up the hard work and the good sportsmanship, guys, and I hope it takes you all the way to the Championship. First stop Abingdon, VA!

Attempted pick off.  Not happening today.

Attempted pick off. Not happening today.

High throw from the catcher but Chase uses his extended reaching capabilities.


We won!

A well deserved celebration.

If interest, here’s the link to the Southeast Division of Junior Little League website.

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