You know what would be funny?

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“You know what would be funny?” My daughter, Sagan, said that to me the other day. That’s how this picture started.

Actually it started two weeks earlier while my wife, Theresa, and I were away for our anniversary in Lexington, VA.  Beautiful town, gorgeous scenery and some cool history. A walking city with VMI and Washington & Lee University, wonderful restaurants and shopping.  I did mention I was with my wife so, yeah you guessed it, we were shopping.  I found a shop called, Sundays Child.  “A whimsical store offering fine jewelry, aromatherapy products, cards to meet any occasion, soothing music and toys galore. Lexington’s “feel good” store since 1992.” (thats from

While at Sundays Child, I saw they had a pet section so I meandered through this store full of knick-knacks and fun stuff you like to pick up and said to my wife, “Hey honey, look at this!” There was a selection of stickers. I perused the selection and one caught my eye. “Ya know what would be funny?” I asked myself when I saw “Woof ya’ll,” an homage to the beach decal. I thought of an image I wanted to capture of this sticker and one of my dogs, which is why I decided I needed this sticker. Theresa asked, “What’d you buy?” I showed her the sticker, got the quasi eye roll and carried on with the rest of our trip.

Once home it took a few days…ok…weeks to put said sticker on the truck. Once it was on, my daughter said, “Hey dad. Ya know what would be funny?” See? It runs in the family, I tell ya. I said, “What?” She replied, “If you had that sticker on the window and Wizard had his head out the window.” Our Wizard is a 100+ Rottie mix. I smiled and told her I had the same thought. She then suggested we get another so we could cover both sides of the truck as he likes to enjoy multiple views. There is only one sticker on the truck, and it will stay that way.

So the other night, during a particularly hot summer evening, I was at the Grottoes ball park for my son Jacob’s, baseball practice. Wizard, our pooch, is happily chilling in the back seat. He sticks his head out the window and, well, there you have it. Maybe its only funny to me? But that’s not possible. It’s exactly the image I had in my head when I was standing in the air conditioned, Sundays Child weeks before, and it’s also the same exact image Sagan had in her head when she saw the sticker for the first time.

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