What Should I Wear to My Photo Shoot?

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Examples of coordinating colors...shades of blue
Examples of coordinating colors…shades of blue

Hello, Aimee here blogging on behalf of Dan today.

Dan has booked a lot of family portraits lately, and I thought it’d be fun to publish a short blog post on what to wear and what not to wear to your family photo session. The views expressed in this collection of blog posts/Pinterest Boards are not concrete rules, so please take them with a grain of salt. However, if any of the information provided helps making planning your family session easier, well then, that’s great!

The big take away I found from all of the articles: Don’t match, coordinate! The everyone in white/khaki look has gone out of style in favor of something that looks much more natural.

Now here are some great articles to get you started:

And my own piece of advice? Wear something stylish yet comfortable because if you’re miserable in your pictures because those shorts are too tight or that sweater too itchy, you won’t have happy memories associated with your family’s precious and priceless captured moment in time!

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Until next time, friends.

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