Spring is in the Air

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Spring is in the air.  How do I know? Well I tend to like the simplicity of spring in the valley. Whether it’s the freshly mowed grass and some wildflowers on a country road…


Or the snipped branches on a tree that is starting to sprout its buds.


The flowers come back to us as spring arrives.  Tulips are blossoming along with many others.  My neighbors’ gully has bloomed in color.




And who could forget our favorite springtime visitor who goes from blond to gray to bald very quickly.


The cows are shedding their winter coats. I stopped at this field and this cow turned her head and posed for me.  It was rather enjoyable. She seemed to understand what I was doing.


…and then she’d had enough.


Spring is full of color, new life, fresh smells and the rebirth of BBQ season.  So, go ahead and lower the bedroom windows, drive with the windows down and if you can, go ahead and take the top off your vehicle. If you can make it through the April showers you’ll be rewarded with some beautiful sights around our wonderful valley.

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