Nifty Ways to Display Your Photos

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Hello, my name is Aimee Brasseur Roberts, and I work for Dan as a marketing consultant, before that I was his intern and before that, I was his assistant. Currently, I work in the marketing department at a local real estate company, but I still help with DBE Photography from time-to-time.

Dan is currently living it up with his daughter in New York City, eating great pizza by the slice and checking out shows on Broadway. With that being said, I graciously offered to take the writing reigns for the week. Today’s topic on the DBE Photography blog is nifty ways to display your photos.

Are your pictures collecting dust in an album on the shelf? Or maybe they are collecting hypothetical dust on a hard-drive? Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of super cool ways to display your photography. Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve discovered some of those ways and implemented several of them in my own home.

My husband and I have recently bought a new house, and we were so torn because we love the house but felt it was missing something. That something was personal photos. $150 dollars later our house is getting those personal touches it so desperately needs!

For example, I had a few of my nature photography shots printed on 16×20 and 11×14  faux canvas via I created a 16×20 wedding collage poster with text also on I’m working on a storytelling album on featuring photos from our November wedding that I will display on a shelf next to the wedding collage poster, and last but not least, I am currently waiting on the delivery of an Instagram collage via, which displays 50 of our favorite adventure pictures on a 20×38 poster.

I’m so excited to display our pictures. The possibilities are endless and a little overwhelming. If you’re ready for the challenge of displaying your personal photos in your home, check out the articles below!

Dan will be back on his regular writing schedule next week, so make sure to check in again next Monday! Also, if Dan took pictures for you that you would like to buy the rights to, shoot him an e-mail via our contact page. Then, you’ll be able to upload the pictures online and use them however you like!

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