Each Image Tells a Story

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I was asked “Among my works, which is my favorite?” I can honestly tell you that I have no idea. There are only a few photographs hanging in our home.  Some have the children and others are scenic nature shots. I proceeded to go through hundreds of file folders with thousands of pictures to try and figure out my favorite image. The problem was I couldn’t pick one.

I could tell you something about every image I had, though, so here are their stories:

The image of my sister’s face, while graduating Oberlin College always strikes me in a certain way. She caught me taking the picture and hammed it up a bit.  However her smile and her eyes reflect the genuine joy she was experiencing that day.

Karen Hamming it Up

Karen Grad

Lake Campbell on Fidalgo Island

I used to drive through multiple state parks and over Deception Pass Bridge daily.  This is an image of Lake Campbell on Fidalgo Island.  The lake sports an island itself so it has the title of being the largest island with an island in Washington State. I know, I know, you feel smarter already. I do too.

Whidbey Winter

Contact Sheet from Paul and Angie’s Wedding

I have a contact sheet from friends, Paul and Angie’s wedding, with pictures from the night before where college friends gathered and talked half the night away. I cannot locate the negatives, but it doesn’t matter. By looking at the pictures I can even hear the multiple conversations, the laughter, and the tears.


The Tulip Festival

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington State was one of my personal favorite places to shoot. I have one framed on my wall, but the negatives are either lost or packed away. It’s also where, on a sunrise shoot, I got to meet and look through the lens of a fantastic photographer, Lee Mann.  I was privileged to see the shot he eventually made into a beautiful image and sold on posters everywhere. He passed away in 2011 and his imagery still influences me today. You can check out some of his work at this link here.

My Daughter

My daughter on the floor, sucking her thumb and holding her feet is yet another one of those images where I know its story. Sagan tracked me around the room while I had the camera, and when I laid down on the floor behind her she craned her neck to keep her eyes on me. Those eyes stare right through me every time I look at this picture. Technically the image isn’t great. It was a simple point and shoot moment. No checking the f-stop or my aperture. I have no idea what ISO or type of film was used. It doesn’t matter to me really. The moment was captured and it resonates in my soul.


Each image tells a story. Some stories are amazing, heartfelt, inspiring, or heart wrenching. While others are simply beautiful, focused, quiet, or incidental. They all tell a story, and these stories happen everyday in everyone’s life. Whether it’s your daily commute or a rare gathering of old friends…these are the moments that catch my eye and are the ones that make me smile when I look back at them years later.

Do you have images like that? Images that resonate with your soul? Tell us about them in the comments.

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