Fleeting Moments in Photography

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I don’t think I became a photographer by choice. I seemed to fit the mold. I have always enjoyed capturing fleeting moments.

DBE Photography clients benefit from my fleeting moments philosophy by having the ability to genuinely experience a moment they missed or reliving a brief moment that I froze in time.  They can feel the pain, joy, happiness, excitement because that moment is frozen in an image.

I don’t prefer to take the traditional route. I do when it’s appropriate or needed; however my favorite images are usually taken in between the setup for the posed traditional pictures because that’s when you can catch the most fleeting moments.

Fleeting moments that I catch that clients may miss…the look on one’s face when they are surprised.It’s the first 1-2 seconds, and then it’s gone. Their mind takes over.


An action, like taking off the garter or throwing the bouquet…


or a play at second base… I have even had an umpire come to me because they did not have a line of sight on the play, and I caught the critical part, which showed the runner. The ball was still in the air, and his foot was already on the base. He was safe by a half second.


The exuberance immediately following any said action is fleeting, too.


Pride is fleeting. I know it’s a sin, but when you see a parent oozing with it AS THEY WATCH their child do something great. It shows, and it shows well in pictures.


Pride also manifests itself in the Bride-and-Groom first look. It’s a look in their eyes like “WOW. She/He looks amazing, and they’re ALL MINE!”


These fleeting moments that I described are moments in time, which are gone the second they happen. They are irretrievable. As a photographer, I get to freeze time. I get to make moments last. I get to help you relive history.

Looking at the images brings you back to a place and time you cannot physically go anymore. I would almost categorize myself more as a documentarian, who uses the camera to do his work. I like telling the story, whatever that story may be…a wedding, a reunion, vacation, the age progression of someone’s child, etc… I love catching the moment.

That’s it in a nutshell.


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